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Botanical Illustration Workshop – with Işık Güner


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Course description: 

The workshop, hosted by Fundación Alerce 3000 and organized by Fundación Chilco and Fundación Reñihué, is open to Chileans and international students. The course will be taught by Isık Güner, one of the talented Turkish artists that painted many watercolours of the renowned book Plants of the Woods of Chile, and experts in the botanical field will accompany the group.


Pillán is a private natural reserve in the Reñihué fjord. Due to its natural beauty, biodiversity, and isolation is an exceptional place for botanical painting.
This workshop offers a unique opportunity to work with a diverse range of Chilean plants found in the Patagonian rainforest, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and tidal fjords. Participants will also explore the Reñihué Valley and work with wild plants as the basis for each session with Isık.


During the 5-day workshop, you will learn measured drawing techniques and how to use watercolour in layers. Isık will demonstrate how her techniques and skills are used to describe these beautiful plants to achieve accurate and representative paintings. This workshop is designed to develop further your abilities in composition, drawing, colour, perspective and tone to produce high standard botanical illustrations.

Please also consider that the workshop will be mainly in English.


ISIK GÜNER, TURKEY. She studied Environmental Engineering at Marmara University in Istanbul. After her graduation, 2006, she began working full time as a Botanical Artist. She prepared 40 plates for the book ‘Plants from the Woods and Forest of Chile’. Teacher of the workshop.

MARÍA JOSÉ ARCE, CHILE. Art Director of Fundación Chilco. Architect and artist, she has specialized in children’s, botanical, and nature illustrations. Communications coordinator and teaching support for the workshop.

JOSEFINA HEPP, CHILE. Executive Director of Fundación Chilco. Agronomist and writer, her areas of interest are biodiversity conservation and science communications. General and logistic coordinator of the workshop.

BELÉN GALLARDO, CHILE. Director and general coordinator of Fundación Reñihué. PhD in ecology, science communicator, and weaver. Co-creator of the series of courses: Botanical Field Illustration, an expedition to the Chilote forest. Teacher and field support of the workshop.

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5 días




Işık Guner


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